Anne Lister & David Kato

An image of the Anne Lister crest and David Kato crest merged with half of each crest

College Sport Membership

Every student who is training with a college sport club or competing in the college sport leagues is required to have a college sport membership for their college. The membership money goes directly to the college committee and is used to fund training sessions, events and provide grants for college sport clubs.

To purchase an Anne Lister or David Kato Sports membership, visit the YUSU website.

Sport Social Media


Hit the icons above to see the Anne Lister ad David Kato Sport Instagrams! Get in touch if you have any questions, or need key information.

Lister & Kato Team Contact Info

Hit this link to see the list of emails for the various Ane Lister and David Kato teams. Don't be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions for the captains and presidents!

Fixtures & Results

Click this link to check out Anne Lister and David Kato's current results and upcoming fixtures in all college sports. Also, check the same page to see where Lister and Kato stand in the overall college competition!

Team Training Times

Hit this link to see a list of the current Anne Lister and David Kato team training times. If you have any questions about getting involved, see the college's contact information page.