College Varsity

College Varsity

The annual Varsity series between University of York and Durham University showcases the most successful sports teams from the institutions’ colleges in a series of action-packed sporting events.

College Varsity 2024 will take place at University of York during Semester 2

To view the fixtures and follow all the results as they come in then please click here.

Each sport has an A fixture, worth 5 points, and a B fixture, worth 3 points. York's college teams took part in Varsity Qualifiers during February 2024 to decide the top two teams who will represent Team York.

College Varsity 2023 took place in Durham and saw 32 different fixtures across 16 college sports, with fierce competition from both sides. York managed to secure their first ever away College Varsity winning 65-63 overall and ensuring the trophy remained in York for another year!

Follow this link to see the results for each sport and college team.

How do York teams get to compete?

The results of the Term 1 leagues enable the top teams to compete in College Varsity Qualifiers Weekend. This is where teams battle it out for one of the two spots available to represent York at College Varsity.

College Varsity Qualifiers will predominantly take place on February 2024.